Argentina, land of contrast

Land of tango, gauchos and vino, Argentina is a huge country (8th in the world for its area) spreading from north to south over 3000kms and where live more than 45 million Argentinian singing accent. The immensity of the country offers an explosive geography, from high mountains to the sierra through wide plains with infinite horizons. It is possible to swim in a lake in the north of the country and ski south in the same day. The country offers a wide variety of ecosystems, fabulous landscapes, not to mention many cities with enchanting charms, including the capital, Buenos Aires , Paris Latino, a cultural hub radiating throughout America Latin.

Argentina offers fabulous sites, such as El Calafate , where Perrito Moreno can be found, or Iguazu Falls , the mountain of 7 colors in Purmamarca , Aconcagua , the Tierra del Fuego , and the National Park of Los Galciares . But the vastness of the country leaves whole regions very little affected by tourism, in an almost wild state.

Argentina , a land to explore!

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