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From the Andes to the Pacific, road cycling in Ecuador

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Ecuador is a land of contrast ranging from the Amazonian forest to the Pacific coast through the Andean peaks and majestic volcanoes. This 14-day circuit offers you to discover all the treasure of that little country.

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All about the From the Andes to the Pacific, road cycling in Ecuador.

Ecuador , located between Peru and offers an impressively diverse landscape. From the capital Quito, in the heart of the Andes, to the Pacific coast through the Amazon jungle, this tour of 13 days offers you a complete panorama of this small South American country.

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What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 13 Nights COMFORTABLE accommodation,
  • 23 meals.
  • All land transport as described in the contract.
  • All activities as described in the contract.
  • All entrance fees to activities.
  • An English-speaking guide
  • A support vehicle throughout the trip
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  • International flights
  • Domestic flights
  • Airport taxes
  • All meals, services, assistance and fees not mentioned as already included in the program.
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  • Personal expenses
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  • Additional travel related to program modifications due to weather or political reasons
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  1. International Flight - Quito Day 1

    Arrive via your international flight and transfer to your hotel in downtown Quito.

    Overnight in Quito.

  2. Quito Day 2

    The day begins with a quick workshop to assemble the bikes before heading to Quito’s historic centre.

    With a population of just over 3 million people, the capital of this tiny Latin American country extends 50 kms north to south, sitting on the flanks of the Guagua Pichincha Volcano at 2800m above sea level.

    Surrounded by the Pichincha, Antisana, Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes, the city provides a magnificent view of the Andes. The breathtaking view along with the rich heritage of its historic centre (considered the largest and best preserved in Latin America) made the city of Quito the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

    We’ll visit the historic centre and its cathedral then have lunch near the Plaza de Armas.

    After lunch, we’ll ascend by cable car to the top of the city near the Pinchincha Volcano to enjoy a spectacular view of the city and surrounding volcanoes. We’ll take a short walk at this higher altitude for approximately 30 minutes.

    Return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.

    Overnight in Quito.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  3. Quito - Archidona Day 3

    Depart by vehicle very early in the morning toward Papa Llacta Pass which dominates the Quito Valley at over 4000m above sea level. The pass is situated on the mountain line that separates the Andes from the Amazon Rainforest.

    The two-wheeled adventure starts on the other side of the pass, with a long and gentle descent from the mountain peaks to the rainforest. The road runs more than 50 km along a river to the small town of Baeza located at 1840m above sea level (a negative elevation of 2100m). The landscape and ecosystem change gradually from the high mountains to the lush vegetation of the Amazon, as the temperature goes from about 5°C to nearly 40°C.

    This first part of the route doesn’t require much physical effort and provides a gentle warm up before we attack the more intense parts.

    Picnic in Baeza to recuperate before embarking on a hilly road (about 25 km). What follows is a 6 km climb towards a small pass located on the highest point of the Papagallo Cordillera (the Parrot Mountains) at 2225m above sea level. Please note that in Ecuador, if you’re at less than 3000m above sea level and unless the rain comes to cool things down, it is relatively hot (around 25/30°C). It is therefore recommended to keep well-hydrated throughout the course.

    We’ll take a short break to enjoy the panoramic view before starting a long descent to the village of Archidona in the heart of Papagallo National Park with its dense vegetation clinging to the cliff walls!

    Overnight in a lodge in Archidona

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  4. Archidona - Puyo Day 4

    Depart the hotel by bike to spend the day enjoying the tropical atmosphere in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest as we head to the small town of Puyo located at the foot of the Andes. The road winds between cattle ranches, fruit and sugar cane plantations – the typical landscape in this particular region of Ecuador.

    It’s a pretty quiet day with about 50 km of flat surface providing a nice warm up before attacking a small 6km climb and 500m positive elevation gain (10% average slope). We’ll take a break to recuperate before continuing the last 30 kilometres on a relatively flat road.

    Arrive in Puyo in the late afternoon (950m above sea level) – a small but dynamic town of 25,000 people, teeming with motorcycle taxis, and very typical of most Amazon jungle cities.

    Overnight in Puyo outside the city centre.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  5. Puyo - Baños Day 5

    Depart by bike from the hotel to the city of Baños. Once past the first 10 kilometres of dense traffic to get out of the city, the road follows a lush valley digging a path through the heart of the cordillera. This circuit, called the Miradores Circuit, is mostly uphill, but the route offers a few short descents and several spectacular views of the valley and the Andean peaks.

    Arrive in Banos late morning. This resort town located at the foot of the active Tungurahua Volcano has a population of 15,000 people and is known for its adventure sports. The volcanic activity provides visitors with a chance to enjoy several thermal hot springs – a great way to relax and unwind after several days of cycling.

    Check into your hotel before heading to the hot springs in the late afternoon for a well-deserved moment to relax and unwind.

    Overnight in Banos

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  6. Baños Day 6

    After 3 days of cycling, it’s time to take a break with a free day in Banos. The surrounding area offers a number of fun activities – rafting, suspension bridges, zip-lining, hiking to the top of the valley, or exploring the many waterfalls in the area. Not to mention the many hot springs located in and around Baños.

    For the fanatics, there’s an option to do a cycling trip down a small road through some villages located higher up in the valley (this trip is self-directed with no support vehicle).

    Overnight in Banos.

    (Breakfast included)

  7. Baños - Latacunga - Quilotoa Day 7

    Early morning departure by vehicle to head up to the Valley of Volcanoes, in the heart of which lies the colonial town of Latacunga located at 2750m above sea level.

    We’ll have a short stop in Latacunga before embarking on the first climb towards the Latacunga Pass, 3860m above sea level with the perfect cone of the Cotopaxi Volcano in the backdrop. Despite the altitude, the slope remains relatively gentle with a total elevation gain of 980m over about 20kms, an average incline of 5%. The highest point is at the heart of a pastoral plain that extends all the way to the ocean (approximate temperature at the pass: 12°C).

    The rest of the route doesn’t present any major difficulties. It’s a challenging road but there isn’t too much elevation change. It’s like surfing the high altitude plains! From km 50, we’ll descend about 5 km to the village of Zumbagua (3500m above sea level) where the road branches off towards the Quilotoa Crater.

    Slight ascent for about 15 kilometres. The road that takes us to the village of Quilotoa offers breathtaking scenery with a magnificent view of Toatchi Canyon.

    Arrival at Quilotoa (3830m) and check in at your hotel.

    The hotel is located on the edge of Quilotoa’s perfectly circular crater. With a diameter of 1340m and its emerald lake, it is considered one of the country’s most important natural treasures.

    Overnight at Quilotoa.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  8. Quilotoa Day 8

    A day of cycling exploring the region of Quilotoa located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. Framed by impressive volcanoes and dotted with quiet little villages, it is one of the most traditional regions in the country with strong influences from the indigenous Quechua culture.

    Depart from the hotel towards this remote area that is definitely off-the-beaten-track and not typically part of any tourist route. The journey begins on a freshly asphalted road, with a 20 km descent to the village of Chucchilan 1000m down, then to the village of Sigchos in the centre of the valley (2820m above sea level). Stop in this beautiful village that has remained almost unchanged since Spanish colonization. Return to Chucchilan on the same road to complete this 60 km loop. For those who wish, you can head back to the hotel by bike (+1000m elevation gain), and for the others, we’ll return by vehicle.

    Lunch in the village of Quilotoa.

    In the afternoon, a chance to walk around the crater (free).

    Overnight at Quilotoa.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  9. Quilotoa - Quevedo Day 9

    Depart by bike from the hotel down to the village of Zumbagua (3500m). From here, we begin a 10 km climb to the highest point of the circuit at the Quevado Pass located 3995m above sea level, a positive elevation of 495m (listed at 5%). A short break to recuperate and enjoy the panoramic view before embarking on the long descent that takes you out of the Andes toward the Pacific Ocean.

    The descent begins at Km 22 towards the village of La Mana (210m above sea level) where the day of cycling ends. It’s a continuous 68 km descent for a negative elevation of 3785 m. It goes without saying that the descent is spectacular and truly unique, with ever-changing vegetation and a temperature that becomes more and more comfortable. At the end of the route, the ”door” of the Andes opens onto the tropical plain of Quevedo, with its paddy fields and sugar cane plantations.

    For the truly motivated, you can continue to the small town of Valencia located 15 km away. From this point, the traffic becomes a bit dense, so we’ll drive the last part of the way to Quevado (population 200,000).

    Overnight in Quevado, the capital of the province of Los Rios.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  10. Quevedo - Bahia Canoa Day 10

    Leave Quevedo by vehicle to the small town of Valesco Ibarra, located 25 km away. From here, we’ll depart by bike and ride to the village of Pichincha (25 km) at the end of the Quevedo Plain. From Pichincha, you enter the Sierra de Cabuyal on a road that starts at a positive elevation of 300m. The rugged terrain of the Sierra is composed of small mountains and canyons intermingling with tropical rainforest. The road, though not a true climb, is far from flat and includes countless curves. This is the charm of the region, making it a real pleasure for those who love being on two wheels.

    Around Km 90, the forest becomes less dense as the landscape changes and plantations begin to appear before arriving at the village of Calderon (Km 105) where the day of cycling ends.

    We’ll drive from Calderon to Canoa (1h15).

    Canoa is a small hippie surf village on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with many bamboo houses and a very laid back atmosphere. 25 km of virtually deserted beaches surround you.

    Overnight seaside in Canoa.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  11. Canoa Day 11

    Free day of beach time on the Pacific Coast and there’s seafood on the menu! The region of Canoa is world-renowned for its giant shrimp.

    For those who want more cycling, there is an option to do an enjoyable 45 km loop exploring Canoa and its surrounding area.

    Overnight seaside in Canoa.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  12. Canoa - Pedemales - San Miguel Day 12

    Leave Canoa by bike on a road with almost no traffic, along the coast to the small seaside resort of Pedemales. The course is almost flat and passes through a few small half-abandoned villages.

    Beachfront lunch at Pedemales to enjoy a little more of the Pacific Coast before leaving the ocean and moving towards the interior. Transfer by vehicle to San Miguel de Los Bancos, a small town at the foot of the Andes at 1050m above sea level (2h30 drive).

    Overnight in San Miguel de Los Bancos.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  13. San Miguel - Quito Day 13

    It’s the last, but not the least, day of cycling!

    Early departure from the hotel to climb the foothills of the mountain range and reach the city of Quito. In the heart of a sea of clouds, the route alternates between climbs and descents to reach a pass at 2880m above sea level (total elevation gain of 2900m).

    The cycling day ends at the Mitad del Mundo Museum, situated right at the equator line.

    Transfer to your hotel at the end of the day and dismantle the bikes.

    Dinner and overnight in Quito.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  14. Quito - International Flight Day 14

    Transfer to Quito airport for your international flight.

    (Breakfast included)

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