Transandes Bike declines all responsibility for personal injury, accidents, illnesses that occur during the stay. The responsibility of Transandes Bike can not be engaged in the event of:

  • failure to submit valid administrative and health documents; loss by the participant or theft of airline tickets
  • wars, political unrest, strikes, technical incidents, bad weather, airspace congestion, delay, especially for security reasons, breakdown of means of transport
  • theft, deterioration or loss of personal property of participants
  • delay or deterioration of luggage, injunctions of an administrative authority, etc.

Baggage is at all times under your responsibility. During the journey, luggage can be transported by rudimentary means (mule backs or llamas, roofs of 4X4) and must be adapted to these conditions. Transandes Bike will not pay any compensation in case of deterioration. Each participant is required to keep with him and under his responsibility fragile or valuable items (glasses, electronic devices, watches, etc.). Make sure that your luggage is always under your supervision and at their presence during the organization of the  transfers.

In addition, Transandes Bike organizes sports trips, in natural terrain called adventure, sometimes far from local infrastructure and in areas that can be difficult to access.

Given the special nature of our trips: Each participant must comply with the advice given in the data sheets and by the guide-guide, or in the log book. Each participant must be aware that he / she can take risks of any kind due to local conditions and assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and agrees not to blame Transandes Bike for them. Similarly, Transandes Bike can not be held responsible for individual carelessness of one or more participants, Transandes Bike reserves the right to exclude, at any time, one or more participant (s) whose behavior endanger the safety of the group or its well-being, without any compensation being due to that participant.


Risk, physical fitness and insurance


You are aware that the security conditions specific to the country visited, the distance sometimes from medical centers and the activities you want to do involve certain risks. You accept in full knowledge of the risks, in a more particular but non-limiting way, mentioned below:

  • Injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, etc.) due to falls or other movements, collisions with objects in the field and the environment, obstructions, impacts and collisions with other persons
  • Injuries with blunt or sharp object (branches, material, sticks, ice, vehicle etc.)
  • Cold or hypothermia due to contact with water, drowning, rivers of hot water, rivers with strong current, waterfalls, creeks
  • Injuries due to attacks, bites or injuries inflicted on an animal
  • Meetings with dangerous toxic elements of flora and fauna
  • Injuries caused by breakage or misuse of equipment
  • Injury due to burns
  • Hyperventilation and asthma
  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Nervous shock
  • Weather conditions, including thunderstorms and lightning
  • Dangerous speed for conditions or experience
  • Falling objects
  • Difficult conditions of snow and variable weather conditions
  • Cracks, cliffs, cornices
  • Holes and depressions on or under the surface of snow and ground
  • Landslides
  • Trees and stumps of trees, dead trees falling in forests
  • Thermal chimneys, volcanic activity
  • Rocks, rock falls
  • Equipment failure
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures (hypothermia, frostbite, superficial frostbite, sunburn)
  • The lack of protective clothing
  • Altitude changes, effects of high altitude including pulmonary edema and cerebral edema
  • Bad roads and means of communication
  • Distance from medical centers
  • Political or dangerous health situation
  • To get lost or be separated from a part of the group or a guide
  • Neglect on the part of others

Employees of Transandes Bike must at all times make difficult decisions in the course of their employment. In all circumstances, they seek security, but they are not foolproof and can sometimes make mistakes or omissions. They may make errors of judgment as to the actual fitness of a participant or his abilities. They may be wrong in the assessment or may not adequately consider the weather or other environmental conditions. They may give inadequate or incomplete warnings or instructions and the equipment used may sometimes be lacking. Communication and logistics in high mountains or semi-natural or natural environments, possibly accidental, can be difficult, and in case of accident or illness, rescue, evacuation and medical treatment can be delayed beyond normal delays and thereby aggravate the medical or physiological condition of the traveler. Weather conditions in the mountains, in semi-natural or natural environments can be extreme and can change quickly and without warning. The disease can result from increased difficulty in maintaining personal hygiene.

Physical aptitude

For all stays, the participant must ensure that his physical condition is adapted to the intended stay. In this regard, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist doctor. Transandes Bike can not be held responsible in case of physical insufficiency revealed especially during the outing or the chosen trip. In any case, Transandes Bike reserves the right not to accept a passenger who does not meet the criteria of level of physical fitness required. In addition, Transandes Bike reserves the right not to continue activities, stays or shipments if, during these, it is found that one of the group is in a state that would not allow him to continue the stay safely, for himself or for the group. In any case, neither Transandes Bike, nor its managers or its employees, can be held responsible in the event of a physical problem occurring during or after one of these trips.


Depending on the chosen offer, it is essential to have a multi-risk guarantee which should include: cancellation fees, assistance and repatriation during the trip, medical expenses, theft of luggage, etc. Beyond cancellation fees and refund conditions, no amount will be refunded to people who are not covered by the cancellation insurance. In addition, in the case of a trek, we strongly advise you to subscribe to a personal insurance covering the risks of accidents, medical expenses and repatriation, valid for mountain sports activities. Check the limits of your support contracts: make sure to check in particular if your coverage for “search-relief” is at least 4000 USD. This is the case of the insurance policies of the Federation of French Alpine Clubs, the French Federation of Mountain and Climbing, the Quebec Federation of Mountain Climbing and the American Alpine Club. . Be careful, credit cards offer little or no “back-up” guarantees.

The transport companies used (plane, bus, train, boat, private vehicle) have their own insurance and are solely responsible for any damage in the event of an accident. Transandes Bike acts as an intermediary and chooses approved and safe transport companies. Transandes Bike does not provide insurance.


Participant’s consent

Any registration for one of our trips implies the acceptance of all our terms and conditions of sale and the responsibilities listed in this document.

Your registration also commits you to recognizing and accepting possible risks, certifying that your physical condition is adequate for the stay and the activities chosen, that you have not deliberately omitted information about your state of health, that they seem relevant or not, and have consulted the appropriate professionals in case of doubt; that you are prepared to assume the risk and consequences of a known or unknown medical and / or physiological condition, that your participation in such activities could aggravate or lead to medical or other related complications.

In addition the registration implies the certification that you have sufficient insurance to cover any injury, damage, evacuation, rescue, first aid, transportation and / or treatment that you could cause, suffer, require or obtain while participating in any alpine activities , adventure activities or related activities, and by default, you agree to bear the costs of such injuries, damage, evacuation, rescue, first aid, transportation and / or treatment if necessary.

Your participation in one of our trips implies a commitment to yourself, the team of Transandes Bike and the travelers of your group, to play an active role in the management of these risks by adopting a preventive attitude towards you as well as with respect to other people surrounding me. The guide reserves the right to exclude any person whom he deems to be a risk for him (her) or for the rest of the group.

You are also aware that it is possible to leave the activity or the stay, for one reason or another, and at any time.

With your registration you authorize the team of Transandes Bike (its leaders or its employees) to provide all necessary first aid. You also authorize Transandes Bike or its employees and stakeholders to make the decision, in the case of an accident, to transport you (by ambulance, helicopter, boat, coast guard or otherwise) to a hospital or community health facility. everything, if any, at your own expense.