Mountain bike in Bolivia

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Bolivia is undoubtedly one of the most underrated and wild countries in Latin America and an ideal playground for thrill-seekers on two wheels.

This 13-day tour will allow you to explore every corner.

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All about the Mountain bike in Bolivia.

A 13-day bike tour to discover the wilds of Bolivia.

This tour invites you to discover the shores of the legendary Lake Titicaca by mountain bike before hitting the trails of the Yungas region near La Paz, and in particular, the infamous “Road of Death”. Then head on to the legendary Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats on the planet, to discover its spectacular landscapes on bike.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 13 nights in STANDARD accommodation, 2 nights in a tent, 1 night in a cabin, 28 meals.
  • All land transport as described in the contract.
  • All activities as described in the contract.
  • All entrance fees to activities.
  • An English-speaking mountain biking guide with knowledge in mechanics • First aid kit in remote areas, VHF radio, oxygen.
  • Bike tool kit.
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Lunch days … and diner days …
  • Drinks
  1. La Paz Day 1

    Arrival in the Bolivian capital at the foot of the impressive Illimani Mountain overlooking the city from a height of 6000 m.

    La Paz is the highest capital in the world – between 3200 m and 4000 m altitude. It is an extraordinary city that offers a unique experience. It’s an eclectic mix of modern and ancient, international and traditional, Western culture and local culture – all mixed together in a whirlwind of chaos and colour.

    Transfer from El Alto Airport to your hotel located in La Paz’s city centre. Free time to relax and take a shower before having lunch and a briefing about the trip.

    In the afternoon, you’ll get a guided english-speaking tour of the city, exploring Sagárnaga Street which is famous in South American for its local artisan stalls, Witches Alley and its amazing products for Andean ceremonies, the traditional markets of San Pedro, the historic centre, and the colonial district. In the late afternoon, we’ll visit Moon Valley with its impressive clay formations that were created through erosion.

    The day is primarily reserved for acclimatizing to the altitude and preparing the bicycles for the days to come.

    Overnight in La Paz.

    (Lunch and dinner included)

  2. La Paz - Copacabana Day 2

    Free morning in La Paz and mid-day transfer to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

    Check in at the hotel and spend the rest of the day acclimatizing to the altitude and possibly walking a few kilometres around town, enjoy the view of the legendary Lake Titicaca. Given this altitude, the acclimating period is essential to enjoying the rest of your stay in the best condition possible. This free time will also allow you to prepare your bikes for excursions the next day.

    Overnight in Copacabana.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  3. Copacabana - Isla del Sol Day 3

    Morning transfer by boat to the Island of the Sun, a mystical island that played a prominent role in the cosmology and beliefs of the Incas.

    We will bring our bikes for the day to explore the island on two wheels.

    The island is dotted with several old Inca trails, letting you travel its length along a relief, alternating between light uphills and downhills. The view of Lake Titicaca is breathtaking – a surreal combination of the blue and emerald waters of the lake in contrast to the sharp snowy peaks of the Royal Bolivian Cordillera. It’s a well-deserved reward for the effort it takes to do the few climbs when oxygen is in short supply, before enjoying the descents that dot the trail.

    Return by boat and spend the night in Copacabana.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 15 km
    • Elevation change: 170 m positive / 320 m negative
  4. Copacabana - Sorata (Loma Loma Trail) Day 4

    Transfer in the morning to Sorata by vehicle.

    Epic descent on the trail plunging into the Sorata Valley on a path known as ”Loma Loma”. The trail runs along a rolling cliff overlooking a deep valley at the foot of the Ancohuma and Illampu mountains. The trail is sporty and fun with some technical jumps (not mandatory), and offers a spectacular view of the valley with the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range in the background. Arrive at the end of the day in the small village of Sorata in the Yungas and check in at the hotel.

    Overnight in Sorata.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 22 km
    • Elevation change: 65 m positive / 1605 m negative
  5. Sorata (Uchu Trail) Day 5

    Early morning drive from Sorata to the Uchu Pass, but for those who want a bit of a warm up, you have the option of cycling as well.

    Once we arrive, though, it starts to get serious!!

    The first section of the descent is a steep slope on a sand and gravel track… loose ground that lets you ”surf” at high speed for guaranteed thrills! The track continues on an impressive ”singletrack” – with a succession of technical rocky bits, curves, and jumps. It’s a fluid and fast singletrack, that even comes with a natural half-moon! All set against an amazing Andean backdrop that takes you from the snowy peaks to the lush vegetation of the Yungas in a few hours (2 optional descents).

    Free time at the end of the day and overnight in Sorata.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 35 km
    • Elevation change: 745 m positive / 1965 m negative
  6. Sorata (Gruta San Pedro Trail) - La Paz Day 6

    Depart in the morning on a dirt track for a climb of 12 km to the cave of San Pedro. The cave shelters an impressive lagoon more than 400 m deep and highlighted by lighting installed by the local communities. It’s possible to take a paddleboat tour for those who really want to pedal just a little bit more.

    After the excursion, return to Sorata and transfer by vehicle to La Paz at the end of the day.

    Overnight in La Paz.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 20 km
    • Elevation change: 955 m positive / 955 m negative
  7. La Paz - Choro Trek (day 1 by bike) Day 7

    Early departure from La Paz for a 2-day descent into the Yungas.

    This excursion follows the ancient Inca trail of the Choro Trek from ”La Cumbre” 4700 m to Coroico, a peaceful village perched on one of the lush green ridges of the Yungas. The first part starts on a paved road then branches onto a quite technical rocky path. As you descend, the snow of the Cumbre gradually gives way to lush vegetation, ending in the heart of the Yungas Rainforest and its tropical climate … an adventure of pure endurance!

    Arrive and check in at the camp at the end of the afternoon.

    Dinner and overnight in tents.

    (3 meals included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 28 km
    • Elevation gain: 890 m positive / 3430 m negative
  8. Choro Trek (day 2 by bike) - Coroico Day 8

    Early departure from camp for the second part of the Choro Trek.

    First we climb, with a few portages, before starting another descent on the Inca path along the river in this high altitude jungle. The path is fairly smooth with a few technical sections of steep (Inca) steps as well as some climbs that liven up the course. The day ends with a long descent to the bottom of the valley where our transport vehicle will be waiting to bring you to Coroico. Check in to the hotel and maybe take a refreshing dip in the hotel swimming pool.

    Overnight in Coroico

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 25 km
    • Elevation gain: 920 m positive / 1560 m negative
  9. Coroico - La Paz (Collana Trail) Day 9

    Transfer back to La Paz in the morning and check in to the hotel.


    Depart in the early afternoon to explore the Collana Trail in the outskirts of La Paz. This trail offers a brilliantly smooth descent with technical sections of rock along paths that the rural communities in the surrounding area take to access their crops.

    Those who would like to can take the afternoon off to rest and explore La Paz at leisure.

    Overnight in La Paz.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 30 km
    • Elevation change: 200 m positive / 1000 m negative
  10. La Paz - Sajama Day 10

    Transfer by vehicle from La Paz to Sajama Park, a huge natural park that is home to the famed Sajama Volcano. We take cross-country ATVs on the park trails for breathtaking views of the volcano and the chance to see vicuñas in their natural habitat. It’s an opportunity to have a fun easygoing ride through stunning landscapes. At the end of the day, we’ll settle in a camp near natural hot springs where you’ll have the chance to have a relaxing soak before a nice hot meal.

    Overnight in a rustic cabin.

    (3 meals included)

  11. Sajama - Tahua (Salar de Uyuni) Day 11

    Transfer by vehicle from Sajama to Tahua along the Salar de Uyuni. It’s a long day of driving (8h-10h), but there will be a bit of mountain biking in the morning in the Sajama area or at the end of the day in the Tahua region.

    Overnight at the Tayka Salt Hotel.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  12. Salar de Uyuni - Uyuni Day 12

    A day of mountain biking in the spectacular Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats in the world.

    Visit the island of Incahuasi with its giant cactus in the heart of this sea of ​​salt as well as the community of Colchani who ”harvest” the salt which is then exported to La Paz.

    For those who want to, there is the option to cycle all or part of the 140 km between Tahua and Uyuni.

    Overnight in Uyuni.

    Breakfast and lunch included.

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 140 km
    • Elevation gain: 300 m positive / 300 m negative
  13. Uyuni - La Paz Day 13

    Transfer to Uyuni Airport to take a domestic flight back to La Paz in the morning (without the bikes). Transfer to the hotel and a free day in the Bolivian capital.

    The bikes will make the return journey with the vehicle for a late afternoon arrival in La Paz.

    Dinner in one of the best restaurants in La Paz and the possibility of a night out in the district of Sopoccachi to end your stay.

    Overnight in La Paz.

    Breakfast and dinner included.