Andean mountain peaks, majestic volcanoes, Amazon Rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, all that Latin America has to offer but condensed into this tiny country nestled in the heart of the continent.
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Soroche, or mountain sickness, is present throughout the Andean region; it must be taken into account during a stay in the Andes. The first days at altitude are used to acclimatize: do not hesitate to live a little in slow motion. If you walk faster than the local population ... slow down!

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During the monetary crisis of the late 1990s, the country abandoned its currency ``sugar`` to adopt the dollar. To travel to Ecuador you just need to bring the green ticket that you can get in any distributor or exchange office.

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If we put aside the northern border with Colombia and part of the Amazon region in the north that are still unstable due to the presence of armed groups Ecuador is a relatively safe country. It is still recommended to be attentive and take the basic precautions necessary to avoid an unfortunate situation.

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We strongly recommend to consult a specialized health-travel clinic in order to have the advice of qualified doctors in the field of health abroad. But to avoid digestive problems, it is first of all necessary to pay attention to water and prefer filtered or bottled water.


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