Between lakes and volcanoes, road cycling in Patagonia

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Patagonia, synonymous with nature and open spaces, provides an ideal setting for this 14-day cycling tour in the heart of the region of lakes and volcanoes between Argentina and Chile.

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All about the Between lakes and volcanoes, road cycling in Patagonia.

A 14-day bike tour that explores the wide open spaces of Patagonia between Argentina and Chile.

The philosophy behind this tour is “Recharge” – with high quality hotels and a course accessible to all levels – making for an athletic but easygoing atmosphere.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 13 nights COMFORTABLE accommodation (3-4 stars).
  • 28 meals.
  • All land transport as described in the contract.
  • All activities as described in the contract.
  • All entrance fees to activities.
  • English speaking guide on site.
  • Basic mechanical support.
  • Escort vehicle along the route behind the group.
  1. Buenos Aires Day 1

    Depending on your flight, you arrive either in the morning or during the day in Buenos Aires, a capital city as impressive for its size as for its history and rich culture. Your English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel located in the bohemian district of San Telmo.

    Welcome meal at a local restaurant, or restaurante porteno, near the hotel.

    The tour of Buenos Aires – known as the Paris of Latin America – begins early afternoon. It’s a city famous for its architecture and gastronomy, but more importantly its cultural influence over Latin America. You’ll visit the city’s principal neighbourhoods starting in El Centro with its old colonial buildings housing the various government offices. Then on to Recoleta, the diplomatic quarter where most of the embassies are concentrated. The tour continues onward to the popular district of La Boca, famous for its colourful houses, before heading to Puerto Madero with its harbourfront parks and terraces. The day ends in San Telmo, an eclectic neighbourhood with a bohemian vibe.

    Return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.

    Overnight in Buenos Aires.

    (Lunch included)

  2. Buenos Aires - Bariloche Day 2

    You’ll be transported with your English speaking guide from your hotel to Buenos Aires Airport (Aeroparque) to catch a flight to San Carlos de Bariloche (3 hours).

    San Carlos de Bariloche is a town of just over 100,000 inhabitants located between Lake Nahuel Huapi and the mountains of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The city was founded in 1930 by German and Swiss colonies and the typical architecture of the Alps has been preserved to this day. Today, Bariloche is best known for being a leading resort town, with skiing in winter and beaches in the summer. The city is also considered the national capital of chocolate.

    From Bariloche Airport, you’ll be transported about 45 minute to have dinner in town. Then we’ll head to the hotel located on the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

    Dinner and overnight in Bariloche.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

  3. Bariloche Day 3

    The morning begins with the assembling of the bicycles and, once ready, continues with a first loop on the roads of Patagonia. Known as ’’Circuito Chico’’, this 24km ride winds through forests, mountains, and lakes with many steep slopes … just like a roller coaster but Patagonia-style!

    There will be an opportunity to loop twice for those who want an extra warm up.

    Return to the hotel then depart by vehicle to Bariloche for a lunch of local flavours before heading to Cerro Catedral, a ski resort located uphill from the city. We’ll take a short walk in the mountains to enjoy the impressive view of the lake and region.

    Return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.

    Overnight in the outskirts of Bariloche.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 48 km
    • Duration: approx. 2 hours
    • Elevation: start at 836m, finish at 836m (+ 688M / -688M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  4. Bariloche - Villa Angostura Day 4

    Depart by vehicle from the hotel to hit the turnoff to the renowned Route National 40 about 40km from Bariloche. While it is possible to do this distance by bike, the traffic in this first section is quite intense and means taking unnecessary risks. From Route National 40, traffic decreases considerably and the road becomes much wider.

    We’ll ride our bikes toward Villa Angostura along a hilly 65km road which mostly follows the magnificent Lake Nahuel Huapi with the peaks of the Andes mountains in the background.

    Arrive at Villa Angostura, a small tourist village known for cycling. We’ll have lunch on site.

    Free afternoon.

    Overnight at Villa Angustura

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 65 km
    • Duration: approx. 2h30
    • Elevation: start at 805m, finish at 805m (+ 609M / -609M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  5. illa Angostura - Puyehue Thermal Spa Day 5

    Depart by bike directly from the hotel for the first day of cycling and the first pass.

    The first part of this 25km trail to the Argentine border is relatively flat and provides a gentle warm up. Once past the border, there’s a gradual 15 km climb going from 800m to 1300m in altitude, one of the highest points of the trip. There’s a change in landscape and vegetation when we enter Chile’s volcano region which includes the Puyehue Volcano (2236m) appearing in the west in all its splendour. Once at the pass, we make a gradual descent of approximately 1000m in elevation change over 30 kilometres, crossing the Chilean border before arriving at the shores of Lake Puyehue.

    Overnight in a 5-star lodge above the lake.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 84 km
    • Duration: approx. 3h30
    • Elevation: start at 833m, pass at 1302m, finish at 318m (+ 599M / -1120M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  6. Puyehue Thermals Day 6

    There are two options for this day.

    For the most willing, we depart at 9am for a 2h30 trip to the mountains around the hotel.

    For the others, it’s a free day to enjoy the hotel and its amenities (hot springs and spa lounge, bowling, mini golf, billiards and ping-pong tables, tennis, volleyball, horseback riding, sun canopies, hiking, kayaking on Puyehue Lake…)

    3 buffet meals are included in addition to unlimited wine and beer.

    Overnight at the Puyehue Hotel.

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 50 km
    • Duration: approx. 2:30
    • Elevation: start at 318m, finish at 318m (+ 1012M / -1012M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  7. Puyehue Thermals - Ensenada Day 7

    Depart by bike from the hotel for a 105km journey along Lake Puyehue to the village of Entre Lagos which marks the entrance to the heart of the volcano region. You can see the peak of Puntiagudo Volcano rising to 2490m as well as the impressive Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes. The crossing of this plain is done on a very quiet country road that ends at  Llanquihue Lake and the village of Ensenada at the foot of the Osorno Volcano.

    Overnight in Ensenada

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 105 km
    • Duration: approx. 4h
    • Elevation: start at 318m, finish at 105m (+ 318M / -531M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  8. Ensenada - Osorno Volcano - Ensenada Day 8

    Depart by bike from the hotel with a flat 3 km as a warm up before attacking the most difficult climb of the trip: the Osorno Volcano Pass. This steep 12km ascent climbs up to 1100m in altitude, an elevation change of 1050m. The incline has an average of nearly 9% and you’ll be climbing for somewhere between 1h30 and 2h. It’s the Alpe d’Huez of the trip!

    For the effort, enjoy the magnificent views of the volcano region and, weather permitting, the Pacific Ocean.

    Once at the foot of the volcano, for those who would like to, there will be an opportunity to take a lift to climb to the glacier on the volcano and approach the summit which rises to 2660m above sea level.

    Return to the chalet for lunch before biking back down to the hotel.

    The cycling day is only 28km but it is possible to do an additional 40km loop to reach the village of Petrohue on the edge of Lake Todos los Santos.

    Overnight in Ensenada.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 30 km (+ 40km optional)
    • Duration: approx. 3h
    • Elevation: start at 105m, pass 1162m, finish at 105m (+ 1147M / -1147M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  9. Ensenada - Frutillar - Pucon Day 9

    Depart by bike from the village of Ensenada along the lakeshore to the village of Puerto Octay before heading to the village of Frutillar to have lunch.

    You also have the option of a bike-free day, joining the group later in Frutillar.

    The day continues with a transfer by vehicle to the city of Pucon which sits on the edge of Lake Villarica (about 3h15). Pucon is a hotspot for outdoor activities, both in summer and winter, with a focus on lake excursions and volcano climbing.

    Overnight in Pucon

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 90 km
    • Duration: approx. 4h
    • Elevation: start at 105m, finish at 218m (+ 368M / -263M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  10. Pucon Day 10

    Depart by bike from your hotel to the backcountry of Pucon.

    The volcanic activity in this region is considerable and has led to the planning and development of many hot springs, attracting travellers and locals alike. We’ll head to Los Pozones, considered one of the most beautiful springs in the area. The bike ride, about 35km, is in the heart of the forest with a gradual climb to the thermal baths. Have a soak in the springs then return to Pucon (by bike or by vehicle depending on preference).

    Overnight in Pucon

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 70 km
    • Duration: approx. 3h
    • Elevation: start at 218m, pass at 621m, finish at 218m (+ 505M / -505M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  11. Pucon - San Martin de los Andes Day 11

    Depart by bike from the hotel to travel the first 50km on a paved road to the start of the valley that goes up to the Chile-Argentina border (elevation of 700m over a distance of 26km).

    During the ascent, the 3747m high Lanin Volcano is in sight, with the climb ending near the glacier located at the base of the volcano. Once past the border, a 10km stretch of unpaved road on the Argentinian side requires a quick transfer by vehicle before heading back to the small Argentine town of San Martin de Los Andes.

    Overnight in San Martin de Los Andes

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 75 km
    • Duration: approx. 3h30
    • Elevation: start at 218m, finish at 1202m (+ 1060M / -76M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  12. San Martin de los Andes Day 12

    Enjoy a free day in San Martin de Los Andes, recessed in the mountains in an inlet on Lake Lacar. In addition to offering a picturesque landscape between lake and mountain, this small town is an ideal place to rest while enjoying the many lakeside cafes.

    Overnight in San Martin

    (Breakfast included)

  13. San Martin de los Andes - Villa Angostura - Bariloche Day 13

    Depart by bike from the hotel towards Villa Angostura. The road, which crosses an untamed area of lakes and mountains, begins with a small 10km pass, climbing 500m in elevation. The rest of the route takes you from lake to lake with several small climbs, for a total of 1500m of elevation change and a total trip of 105km.

    Arrive at Villa Angostura for lunch and transfer by vehicle to Bariloche (1h30 drive).

    Arrive at the hotel in Bariloche to put the bicycles in the box and enjoy a final meal with wine tasting!

    Overnight in Bariloche.

    (Full board included)

    Technical cycling info:

    • Distance: 100 km
    • Duration: approx. 4h
    • Elevation: start at 655m, pass at 1170, finish at 833m (+ 865M / -687M)
    • Estimated temperature: 20C
  14. Bariloche - Buenos Aires Day 14

    Transfer to Bariloche airport and end tour.

    (Breakfast included)