General terms and conditions

Conditions of sale and registration

All registrations must be made through the platform using the information form completed and validated by the client.

Any registration for one of our trips implies the acceptance of all our terms and conditions of sale. Registration is effective after completing the information form and making the payment of the first deposit.

Registration is accompanied by a deposit of 20% on the land portion and 100% of domestic flights, per participant (100% within 45 days of departure).

The registration must be made with the names, first names and exact numbers of the participant appearing on the passport or on the identity document used for the trip of each participant.



A deposit of 20% on the land portion and 100% of the domestic flights must be paid at the time of confirmation of the reservation. The final payment must be made 45 days before the arrival date. Domestic flights are 100% non-refundable non-exchangeable.

Documents required for booking confirmation

In order to confirm your travel bookings and billing, we will need promptly after registration:

  • One copy (scan / scan required) of each participant’s passport
  • Information about your domestic flights or booking confirmation of domestic flights with Transandes Bike
  • Information of your international flights


*** Very important ***

If the passports have to be renewed by the trip, we will make the reservations with the old passport (current), but you must ask to recover the old passport, which will be canceled during the renewal process, at the time of renewal . You will need to travel with both passports (old / canceled and new / valid) to ensure that you will have no problems with bookings (flights, tickets, trains, etc.) made with the old document. Indeed, several entries and services are issued by associating your first and last name with a passport number. If the passport presented during the trip does not exactly match the name and number of the document you provided us at the time of registration, you may be denied access to the services. Transandes Bike can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the costs incurred as a result of a participant’s inability to present the passport provided at the time of confirmation of the trip.



You are required to comply with the rules of customs, passport, vaccines and local laws. Transandes Bike can not be held responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with the rules in force and the formalities imposed by the competent authorities.

In addition, passengers are advised to consult the safety instructions issued by the local authorities and the recommendations to travelers made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. This information may change until the date of departure. It is strongly recommended to consult them regularly.


Program’s modification

Transandes Bike reserves the right to modify a means of transport, an accommodation, an itinerary as well as the schedules of certain excursions due to a particular unforeseen event. Special events: social movements (strikes, demonstrations, etc.), climatic events, natural disasters, any other disaster or any other event that does not respect the planned itinerary or threatens the safety of the participants.

Transandes Bike is not responsible for the consequences induced by any type of program alteration produced by the closure of airports, weather conditions, natural disasters or any other reason such as flight delay, political situation, war, strike or any other circumstance of force majeure. Additional fees for this type of alteration of the program are the responsibility of the participant.

Once the initial down payment is paid, the customer can not modify the program without the agreement of Transandes Bike. Modification fees may be applied depending on the costs and penalties for cancellation or modification required by the providers of such services.


Decrease in group size following cancellation by one or more participants

The above cancellation policy will apply to every participant canceling their trip. In addition, for the remaining participants, the cost of travel per person could increase. Indeed, the price per person is calculated on the basis of the number of participants, and is valid only if this number is maintained. Participants who have canceled their trip will not be held responsible for these additional costs, which will be borne by the participants making the trip.


Change or modification of the international flight plan

In case of late arrival of the international flight, Transandes Bike will offer you the best solution to resume the normal course of your program. Any additional costs of transportation and hotel generated by this change will be at your expense. Transportation, hotel nights, excursions or any other service lost due to this delay will be reimbursed only up to the reimbursements we will have obtained from the suppliers for its services.

Domestic flights, international flights and carriers

Schedules, flight itineraries and the type of aircraft are established by the carrier and are subject to change, or, may be affected by circumstances such as weather conditions, airport authority directives, etc … Conditions are subject to the clauses set out in connection with the ticket and the laws and regulations of the Government. You must arrive at the check-in desk with your ticket and luggage at least two hours before departure. Any claim resulting from the transport must be addressed to the carrier.

Transandes Bike does not handle international flights. It is your responsibility to check that the schedules of your return flights are compatible with the program offered on site.

The transport companies used (plane, bus, train, boat, private vehicle) have their own insurance and are solely responsible for any damage in the event of an accident. Transandes Bike acts as an intermediary and chooses approved and safe transport companies.


Permit of the Inca Trail

For the reservation of the Inca Trail trek (2 or 4 day version), a provision of 150 US $ per person will not be refunded. It is also not possible to change the dates, name or passport number of participants on entry permits. These rules are dictated by the INC (Instituto Nacional de la Cultura), a state body that controls access to the Inca Trail.

Dispute between the parties

In the event of a dispute between the parties, an amicable solution will be proposed. If this is refused, Transandes Bike is subject to Peruvian contractual law, so the Peruvian courts will be the only ones legally entitled to decide in a dispute between Transandes Bike and a customer.